Pastor Marko Wutchok Mayuang

$25.00 / month

Marko is now the teacher/pastor of the small, but rapidly growing CC church in Kunyuk, which was for some time entirely attended by children, although reports are starting to come from Kunyuk that some of the parents have started taking an interest in what the kids are so excited to do on Sunday mornings.

8 spots available



In 2002 a Christian friend introduced Marko to church in Tonj East, and he continued going to study the Bible, eventually. It was difficult at the time to get a Bible, so he sought out Bible teachings. He taught youth in Dinka and wanted to teach in English, so he joined the church with IDAT. Marco studied the Bible and pastoral training since 2011, working with them starting in 2013. When he finished his training, he returned to lead his church in Kunyuk. He preaches on Sundays, leads prayer meetings, and teaches new songs to the choir. Marco is in his last year of school and then will be full time. He hopes one day to have a church building to meet in and a sound system for worship, but is very thankful for the provisions of clothing for Sunday school. He is passionate about caring for and teaching children, and desires always to be a blessing to them.