Ruben Yak Lede Panther


Ruben Yak Lede Panther is the Pastor of the IDAT church plant, CC Warrak, South Sudan. He began serving pastorally in 2013 as an assistant pastor.

Ruben has been a Christian for most his life, having a strong trust and love for God. Even through his case of leprosy, and amazing recovery he never stops praising the Lord for his life and the blessings in his life.

God has blessed Ruben with wisdom and a loving heart to help lead his people on the right path, and to give them hope and courage to stay strong in faith.

Ruben is married and has many children and grandchildren.

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Ruben was raised in Khartoum, and might even be considered blessed by his diagnosis of Leprosy, which allowed him to remain in Khartoum during Sudan’s Civil war, without being drafted by the Sudanese Army to go and kill his family and relatives in the South—this was the reason many young men left Sudan during the war years. Ruben was also treated by the Swiss Medical Mission in Khartoum, was well-liked by the staff and then hired to work in their lab, until he returned to the South during the truce years. Though blessed by the Swiss Medical Mission, Ruben is quick to state that it was God, who cured his Leprosy.

Ruben met Jesus in Khartoum, in an Episcopal Church, which he attended 1978-2000. Ruben started believing and growing in Jesus, then he moved to Warrak. On Sundays and Saturdays, he preaches, sharing Bible studies. He also teaches CHE training and leads prayer groups. Visiting homes is an important part of this ministry.

IDAT learned about the believers in Warrak, and came to pray with them and bring a hand pump for clean water. Ruben felt in his heart that what IDAT did was right, and wanted to join with them. He took classes with IDAT, Bible study and CHE training, so that he could better serve the community. In addition, he works with IDAT to check for illness, distribute medications, and pray for patients in Warrak.