Augustino Anyuat

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Augustino Anyuat is the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Ariamduar, South Sudan. He began serving pastorally 3 years ago as an assistant pastor.

Augustino serves his people in Ariamduar with a love and passion to see a change. He first started the church with only his family members attending but soon enough more people started to trickle in, and God has blessed Augustino with more attending every week.

Augustino has a fire and passion to see the people of Ariamduar saved. He has a burden for them and wants them to know how much God loves them and how blind they have become to God. He wants to Bring these lost sheep back to Jesus.

Augustino hasn’t had it easy being a follower of Christ . His family are against him being Christian and not worshiping their Idols. However, Augustino held on to his faith and knew that what his family was doing is wrong and would not follow them. He started CC ariumduar because the only other churches were catholic and he knew that wasn’t right.

God has Blessed Augustino with a wife and 4 children, Majok (M. 10), Mary (F. 8), Beek(M. 6) and amel (F. 3)

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