Pastor Joseph Kuol Marial

$25.00 / month

From Tonj, Joseph is an IDAT Clinic pastor, who also organizes the clinic pastor’s schedule, helps to take care of the organizational needs of having Devotion every day that the clinic is open; i.e. from organizing chairs to scheduling those who are to share (teaching.)

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Joseph learned about Jesus in 1994 when old Sudan was at war, and learned that Jesus died on the cross, wiping our sins away. He got baptized in Rumbek, Baraguoch. God protected him, even when he was shot in a cattle camp: missionaries took him to a hospital in Nairobi. Once, Joseph’s wife was deathly ill in Wau, and he was praying to God to save her as he had been saved. God did not leave either of them to die, and now they want to do His work. His 8yr old daughter had convulsions and was brought to IDAT, where they immediately treated her, and she eventually recovered. God has blessed his family.