Santo Mawien

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Santo is married with three children.  He is the pastor of CC Mapel. He was originally attending a catholic church. His aunt sent him to school in Nairobi, Kenya when he was 17. After completing high school he returned to his village in South Sudan. He began working with a local school and fellowshipping with CC Tonj. After the 2020 tribal fighting and people were displaced, Santo who is from Luo tribe, was burdened for those of his tribe displaced to Mapel. Some of the pastors and people from CC Bobi were also in Mapel and together with Santo they started CC Mapel. Through these connections he also started working with our CHE program as a facilitator.


in was frustrated that no one was teaching him the bible and people were still involved in witchcraft. He started seeking God and then due to tribal fighting was displaced and settled in Kuanyja. Pastors and CHE’s from IDAT were preaching in Kuanyja and he heard the true gospel for the first time and realized he had been living in darkness all this time. He gave his life to Christ. When IDAT planted a church in Kuanyja he began serving passionately as an assistant pastor. Today he is overseeing the church and part of the pastoral team.

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