Pastor Joseph Yuot Mawel

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Originally from Tonj North, and primarily an IDAT Clinic pastor; Joseph helped found CC Malony, is currently a CHE teacher/trainer, and evangelizes in area villages, working to plant new churches.

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Joseph was married to a believer and gradually started reading the Bible and learned about Jesus through his wife. His church, ECS, (Evangelical Church of Sudan,) in Tonj North, baptized him and he came to IDAT Bible College (2009-2012,) to learn more to understand the word of God, and went back to the village on Holy Days to share the Gospel with unbelievers.

After School, Joseph joined other new pastors in starting a church in Malony. Then he returned to Tonj to go out into the villages in outreaches. Later, Joseph helped plant churches in Warrak and Warkar. He councils patients at the IDAT clinic, as well as training CHE (Community Health Evangelism) workers in Warrak, Bobi, Guaria. Spiritual and physical needs are being met as the Good News is shared with Simply the Story (oral bible study & discussion) and disease prevention through good sanitation practices like hand washing and proper food preparation. “Prayers are coveted to continue the work God is doing here. May God bless IDAT for them to bless the people here.”