Judah Udur Kur

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In 1994 he was in school for teaching, and the teacher taught him about Jesus. Two years later Juda went to church in Jezeira, at the Episcopal Church, where he was baptized.

Pastors from IDAT would visit the village and invited Judah to come be trained in Bible teaching, so he started class in 2009, (IDAT Bible College 2009-2012.) In 2013 he started working in the clinic, praying for patients. He is one of the clinic chaplains as well as a facilitator of CHE, teaching young people to go out and share good practices to increase the number of Happy Healthy Homes.

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Judah Udur Kur is one of the clinic chaplains of Calvary Chapel Tonj in Tonj, South Sudan. He began serving pastorally 3 years ago as a chaplain in the medical clinic.

Since graduating from IDAT’s Training Center for Pastors, he has been committed to preaching the gospel to the thousands of patients that walk through the clinic every day. 

His love and talent for pastoring doesn’t just stop in the medical clinic, he is also an active Trainer of Trainers [TOT] in our CHE communities. His desire to see a change in our villagers physically and spiritually is evident in the way he pours his heart out for his people. 

God has put a calling on his heart to help is people, and he is diligently obeying this calling and giving it his heart and soul to see the glory of God pour down on his people.