Pastor Juda Udur Kur

$25.00 / month

Juda is a full time IDAT Clinic pastor. Juda was one of The graduates of the original IDAT Bible college class of 2013, and in 2013, joined the Clinic pastors in praying for patients at the clinic. He is also a CHE facilitator, and an active member of CC Tonj.

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In 1994 he was in school for teaching, and the teacher taught him about Jesus. Two years later Juda went to church in Jezeira, at the Episcopal Church, where he was baptized.

Pastor Sabet would visit the village and invited Juda to come be trained in Bible teaching, so he started class in 2009, (IDAT Bible College 2009-2012.) In 2013 he started working in the clinic, praying for patients. He is one of the facilitators of CHE, teaching young people to go out and share good practices to increase the number of Happy Healthy Homes. He is also an active member of the Tonj Calvary Chapel.