Pastor Santino Bak Mathiang

$25.00 / month

A native of Tonj North (geographically and politically separate from Tonj), Santino is one of the IDAT Clinic pastors—who counsels all patients and/or families (if they request it), actively participates in CHE, and regularly teaches, and evangelizes in area villages. He helped found, and has continued to support CC Malony. Santino was married last year and he and his wife are expecting their first child in early 2019.

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Culture says to sacrifice to idols, but a friend taught him these were evil things and he did not have to do them. He was baptized and started his faith journey, but became more convicted by the Holy Spirit during school to actually follow Jesus, not just believe in Him. God grew Santino during his years in school (IDAT Bible College, 2009-2012), then impressed on him to begin to share his faith with others, spreading the Gospel.

Mission work in the village connected Santino to IDAT where they trained him and sent him to Malony to start the church there. After 3 years, he was called back to Tonj (and the IDAT Clinic,) and now travels back and forth as needed. Santino’s friendship with Sabet and Suzy has grown, and he has been blessed by them even as he is a blessing to his community though CHE, Pastoral counseling, Jesus Films, Simply the Story, and overseeing church plants.