John Madut Agar

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John Madut Agar is married with three children and is the pastor of CC Machar. He is not from that area but born in the Maloney area. He moved with his family to one of the most challenging villages. Machar is a headquarter for witchcraft in Tonj South region. Before he became a Christian he was a warrior, fighting and cattle raiding. He was among the ringleaders. His father was a spearmaster, which is a type of witchcraft used to curse people and bless them. He was due to inherit that role from his father. When the fighting was so bad in 2015, he was advised to stop fighting. Pastor Kharlo from CC Maloney invited him to church and he received Jesus Christ as his savior. His had a big problem with anger and hatred. His father had four wives and he was fighting with siblings from other wives. He can say looking back, God protected him from being shot in the village on many occasions and raised him up for His true calling. His family even now are upset by him attending church. They even created so many problems for the church in Maloney. After a few years he became the assistant pastor to Pastor Kharlo. The people in Machar were seeking God and asking for a church because they were witnessing what was happening in Maloney churches. Because of Pastor John’s background and inside knowledge of the witchcraft, he agreed to go and start a church in Machar, which is about three hours walk from Maloney. This church was planted in 2020 and is in the center of many practicing witchdoctors. Please pray for Ps. John to remain strong in his faith in the face of persecution. Pray also for his protection.

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