Mayom Lual Bak

$25.00 / month

Mayom is the Children’s ministry pastor of Calvary Chapel Tonj in Tonj, South Sudan. 

He first began serving pastorally in 2017, now he has been playing an active role in the church for 3 years.

He teaches god’s love to the youth of Tonj, and the joy there is to follow Jesus and live in his ways. The Children’s ministry has been growing steadily thanks to the work and love that he pours in.  His roles don’t just stop there, he is also a chaplain in the medical clinic on the weekends and helps pray for those in the ward. He is dedicated to teaching the love of Christ to those in need. 

Mayom was blessed to have grown up with a strong Christian belief and a loving and supportive family. He has been faithful in passing that on to his children.

He is married and has four children.

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