Martin Goi

$25.00 / month

Martin was born and raised in the village of Bobi, and assists at the church in Bobi, (which is essentially a IDAT/CC congregation, but because ECS had started a church in Bobi prior to the coming of CHE/IDAT in 2014—which had not been active for some years prior to 2014, ECS decided that they had claim to any church meeting in Bobi, since they were there first, and it is therefore an ECS meeting/church. IDAT’s basic position has been that as long the Gospel is being taught and spread, and God glorified, it doesn’t really matter what name is on the church (the matter is still under discussion).

Martin has been the head of a large family including his Mom, siblings, nieces, nephews, and others, since his dad’s murder in 2017.

8 spots available



Martin started going to church in 1999. He was at that time finishing (high) school, and he decided to go with friends to buy a charm or icon from the local witch doctor that would help him succeed in school and do well on the exams However, on the way home, he was struck by a falling tree—in fact was trapped under the tree for a period of hours, as he was at this point alone. He struggled to free himself, and prayed, and eventually was able to free himself. He says he came back, and went to church praising God, but then God convicted him that it was time to truly repent, and turn from his old life and start a new life to Christ.

In 2013, Martin’s father became extremely ill, visited one or more doctors and came to the local Catholic hospital, all all whom provided various treatments. His father was aware of IDAT, and finally decided to come to the IDAT Clinic who both provided treatment AND prayed for him. That night he noted many changes in his condition, and morning was healed! Both Martin and his Dad now actively supported IDAT, and in 2014, Martin began working with both IDAT, and its CHE outreach.