Muordek Mayol Geng Athian


Muordek is from Tonj, but was trapped in Khartoum at the outset of Sudan’s civil war and was therefore raised tor much of his yourh in Khartoun by relatives. He was blessed, in that he entered university there and was therefore exempted from the draft and therefore did not face the dilemma of either leaving the country, or fighting his family and homeland in the South, as part of the Sudanese military. He completed a 4 year degree and when peace returned, moved to Warrup to work in the new government. When Tonj sate was formed, He move to Tonj to help his own people.

Pastor Muordek is passionate about the Lord Jesus, and want to see his people accept Jesus as Lord and grow spiritually and move out of dark practices that is devistating the community of Tonj like triblism cattle raiding and violence, he believe teaching the word of God will do that.

Muordek grew up in a family of believers and attended the Brethren church in Khartoum, during his 18+ year residence there. He also worked in the lab at Swiss Medical Services, where he first met pastor Ruben.

Muordek also made the comment during our interview, that there where 2 episodes of persecution Christians in Khartoum, while he was living there. Both episodes resulted in significant INCREASES in the believers numbers of all the Christian congregations.

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Mourdek Mayol Geng Athien, is an assistant pastor of Calvary Chapel Tonj in Tonj, South Sudan. He began serving first as an elder teaching the men’s ministry.

He reaches out to the Arabic speaking communities and teaches them the Word of God.  

Growing up in a Christian home, he has always had a belief and love in God. He recognizes that he is privileged to spread the good news freely to everyone around him and doesn’t hesitate to do just that. 

Though he has had many struggles in his lifetime, he has always trusted and believed that God has his hand on him and that whatever happens, God loves him and will never forsake him. Now he wants to spread this amazing news to everyone around him, not just dinka or Lou, but even the Arabic speaking areas.

Muordek is married and has three children.