Pastor Pascualo Dimo Nyibang

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Pascualo Dimo Nyibang is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Bobi, South Sudan. He began serving pastorally since 2015 as an assistant pastor.

He has a strong faith in God and sees the miraculous things that God has done for the village of Bobi. The CC Bobi church is growing in numbers and the changes that the village has made is amazing. You can truly see the hand of God working in Pascualo and in his village. 

Pascualo helps with CHE in Bobi often translating for us since the tribe is Luo. CHE has helped the people live healthier not just physically but also spiritually. They are dedicated to living in the way God intended for them.

Pascualo is happily married, and has six children.

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Pascualo came to know about Jesus in 1998. Pascualo heard there was good teaching in a church in Mapel, and went there to learn the history of Jesus. As he put it, “this was during a large famine in South Sudan, when there were not a lot of people going to church.” This is a bit of an understatement—after 20 years of civil war, the southern part of Sudan was experiencing one of the worst, (and least reported in the media,) famines of the 20th century. In point of fact, few of the survivors, of the war, then famine, even had the strength to walk, never mind make it to church. Estimates of the casualties incurred by the war and the subsequent famine vary greatly, but are usually in the neighborhood of 2 millions.

Through Christ, Pascualo met Pastor Sabet and grew in his faith. IDAT was looking for good candidates to be trained as pastors, and invited Pascualo to go to the school for 3 years, 2009 to 2012. After graduating from the Bible College, he returned to Bobi to plant a church, in 2013, and has planted 3 more in the surrounding area. He is also involved in the CHE program, supporting clean, healthy living in each church community. He thanks God for the strong support of IDAT, knowing in his heart he is meant to be with them.

In 2017, Pascualo was summoned to a local minister’s office, who demanded to know what the purpose of CHE was, then proceeded to ignore everything Pascualo told him, as it was obviously all a Dinka scheme to “steal our land,” and Pascualo was obviously a traitor to his (Luo) tribe. He was detained for a period of time, but I have been unable to confirm exactly how many days it was, and Pascualo will not even bring this up without being asked.