Pastor Kharlo Mayom Mayiek Ayuel

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Kharlo Mayom Mayiek Ayuel an outreach pastor of Calvary Chapel Maloney, South Sudan. He began serving pastorally in 2013 ago as an assistant pastor.

Kharlo works diligently in helping people in his village come to Christ. Kharlo so desperately wants to see the hand of God come down on South Sudan and bless the people here, that he actively participates in everything the church needs assistance in. 

He is active in CHE and loves to teach people about how having a Happy Healthy Home is essential to being healthy physically and spiritually. 

Kharlo is not married but is waiting patiently on the Lord.

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Originally from Tonj South, Kharlo is the pastor at CC Maloney.

In 2002, as part of the Catholic Church, Kharlo learned about Jesus. In 2007, he met Evangelists from IDAT in the village of Maloney, and they explained more about how to have a relationship with Jesus, and he left the Catholic Church to become part of Calvary Chapel Tonj.