John Madut Juol

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John Madut Juol is a single young man and the pastor of CC Abeichok. He is not from that area but born in the Maloney area. He was  orphaned as a young child, after he witnessed his uncle buy a curse from the witchdoctor that caused his mother and father to die. He grew up with older sister and was blessed with the gospel and free education by the Catholic church in his region. He made a choice that if God saves him he will serve him all of his life. When his remote village was reached by IDAT pastors, John eagerly joined CC Pawel (Maloney) in 2016. As a young man he decided he wanted nothing to do with witchcraft and started to go to the CC church. He excitedly tells of a time he was gravely ill and visiting pastors from IDAT visited him, prayed for him, and saw him healed. People from Abeichok approached IDAT for a church and Ps. Santino asked John if he could move there and lead the church.  John is passionate about seeing this village come to know Jesus Christ and has seen incredible church growth since following this calling. Please pray for him as it is not easy to live in a remote area that you are not from.

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